About CarFacts

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So what does it do?

Let's say you're comparison shopping for a new car and you've selected several candidates. In these times of expensive gas - you would like to know which one is cheaper to own, the hybrid or the car with the conventional engine. You will probably have to pay a premium for the hybrid, so how long will it take for the gas savings to equal the price premium? CarFacts can tell you! Just enter the miles you expect to drive in a year, the price of gas, and the gas mileage of the car, and - out comes the cost.


If you own an electric car, CarFacts can tell you how much it costs to operate your Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 or Chevy Volt, using MPGe.


Suppose you've found the car you want, you're negotiating with the salesperson and he/she is throwing prices at you for various options. You want to know what your monthly payments will be. No problem - whip out your trusty iPhone (or iPad) and CarFacts can tell you. This works for mortgages too. So, CarFacts can tell you what your monthly mortgage payment will be for various interest rates and time periods.


You will find CarFacts on iTunes at itunes.com/apps/carfacts  .

You're looking at an electric car whose engine is rated in kiloWatts, which means nothing to you. You want to know how many horsepower that baby has. Guess what? CarFacts can tell you!

You're a fossil, so you remember when engine displacement was rated in cubic inches. How many cubic inches is 3.4 liters? CarFacts can tell you!

If there is an automobile statistic that you feel would be useful, and CarFacts doesn't tell you, let us know.