Since we last updated this page a lot has happened in the EV world. The following cars are actually in production:


Cadillac ELR

Chevy Volt

Chevy Spark EV (currently sold in California and Washington only)

Ford Fusion EV

Nissan Leaf

Tesla Model S

Mitsubishi i minicar

BMW i3


Unfortunately, one car and it's manufacturing didn't make it - the Fisker Karma and the planned Atlantic. Fisker Automotive, due to its own mistakes and the problems of its battery supplier, A123  Systems, was forced to declare bankruptcy. A123 Systems was also forced to declare bankruptcy, but was acquired by the American subsidiary of the Chinese giant Wanxiang Group. Another surprising twist to this story - Fisker was recently purchased by Wanxiang. The head of the US Wanxiang  says that one of the reasons they purchased A123 was because it was the was the only supplier of batteries to Fisker. Wanxiang says that it intends to restart Fisker manufacturing. We may yet see cars from Fisker.


The Chevy Volt and Tesla Model S have both been unqualified tech successes. Both have won many automotive awards, including Car of the Year. Their sales numbers are not huge at this point, but it took the Toyota Prius 10 years to reach its current sales volume.


With a mixture of eight pure EVs and EREV in production the electric car revolution is off to a great start!

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